Contract - Terms and Conditions

In keeping with our philosphy of the truth needing no disguise, here is our contract. No need form legal jargon mumble jumble that lots of companies try to hide behind.

The term, or period of coverage starts when payment is recieved.

If you move or change your address, you must let us know via email. Rapture Pet Care will determine whether coverage can be continued at the new address. Please contact us for more details.

Any surviving relative has the right to elect to retain per after the Rapture occurs. It is not mandatory that your pet get placed with one of our representatives.

We do not adopt pets, we place them with confirmed atheists who have agreed to care for them, at their own expense.

All sales are final

Should the contracting pet owner die prior to the Rapture, our guarantee will still be in effect and can be transfered to any surviveing family member, friend or relative. We do ask to be notified of these changes so we can update our database to reflect the most current information.

If the subscriber either loses his/her faith or is not raptured, Rapture Pet Care cannot be held responsible in any way.

Rapture Pet Care does not make any other claim of product or service beyond what is described in this website. Additionally, we are not assoicated with any other website or company or pet rescue service.

By signing up with our service, you the subscriber agree that he or she is at least 21 years of age and has read, understands and agrees with our terms and conditions as stated on this page.






Our fees are simple. We charge $120 upfront for a 10 year period, or (we've added this at the request of several of our patrons), $10 a month, for 15 months.

Why the differences in price? Well, two reasons really. First, there is some additional work on our side in having to go through a process every month to ensure you stay in our entitled database. Second, the payment provider we use (Paypal), charges us a fee for every transaction, therefore our costs are higher.

In order to give our customers a choice, we provide options. Please select whichever is the better fit for your situation.

All fees are for the intial pet. Additional pets are on floating scale depending on size of pet. For instance, a cat or dog can be added to your pet survival plan for a mere $15. A larger animal, such as a horse, can be added for $35. It's probably best to get in touch with us to discuss your comphrensive pet survival plan. We can be reached at, or see the "Contact Us" area of our website.