Frequently Asked Questions

Is this some kind of joke?

Most assuredly not. This is a completely legitimate business offering.


How are you different from the other companies out there?

First off, we're a real company. We were founded by animal lovers who are truly concerned about the well being of animals who are left behind when the Rapture occurs. We urge all prospective clients to research the companies that they would entrust with their pets. Unlike others, we are very serious abou this. There is another 'company' out there that is currently getting alot of attention from the media, but the founder has admitted that he is just trying to make a buck off of true Christians.In case you don't buy his story, he's also running ads on his site, promoting his own book. Pretty tacky.

How do I know someone will really show up to take care of my pets?

All of the athesists who sign up with us, do so under a contract. Therefore they are contractually bound to perform.

How long does the service last?

The service period is for 10 years. It starts when we receive your payment.