Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is as simple as our business model - we will not sell, rent or share you're information with anyone. We don't believe that our customer lists are a source of income to others. Nor do we subscribe to the philosophy that you'd like to hear form people trying to sell you something.


Rapture Pet Care knows that you value your privacy and we take that very seriously.


What does our Privacy Policy cover?

Our Privacy Policy covers our treatment and use of your information that we gather when entering into a relationship with you as our customer or representative.


What information does Rapture Pet Care Collect?

Rapture Pet Care collects information about you that you provide to us. This may be either from an email you send us, from information you submit via our web form, or information we collect over the phone. Generally this information would include your name, address, contact info, descriptive info on your pets or your care taking abilities.


Will Rapture Pet Care share any info that it collects from me with others?

No, we will not.Your personal information is an integral part of our business. We neither sell nor rent your information to anyone.The only circumstance under which we would share some of your information is after the Rapture happens and there is a need to rescue your pets. Even then, our agents will not have access to your entire record, just the relevant portion as it relates to your pet(s). Our agents do not have the authority nor the ability to use your personal information beyond what is required to rescue your pet